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Tour Amsterdam on two wheels

Posted on Friday 03 August 2012 in Netherlands, Amsterdam


Tour Amsterdam on two wheels - Amsterdam Travel News

If you're planning to visit Amsterdam, you should be prepared for the thousands and thousands of bicycles you're likely to encounter as soon as you arrive. In fact, the city is home to more bicycles than people. Locals may regularly whiz by pedestrians, but bikes are also rented out to tourists. Amsterdam holidays are incomplete without maneuvering the city on two wheels.

The Dutch city estimates that 57% of its inhabitants use bikes on a daily basis. Rental spots exist at most major tourist destinations and cost a fraction of what cars or public transit would. As the majority of the city relies on bicycles for everyday travel, tourists are able to see Amsterdam as its citizens do.

Transportation to and from Amsterdam hotels has never been easier thanks to over 400 kilometers of bike paths have been built for this fast and flexible option. The Netherlands capital is mostly flat land, making it ideal for pedaling to its attractions.

Biking along the canal ring at the city's center is a popular activity, as is visiting the Van Gogh museum or the Anne Frank house. Charming restaurants, gardens and cafes provide peaceful respites from a day filled with biking. This healthy activity is the premiere way to see Amsterdam for any traveler willing to give it a try.

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