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Airlines under scrutiny for excessive fees - Flights Travel News

Indian travellers have been looking for more transparency when they are comparing rates for future flights domestically and abroad. Some airlines are known to post certain rates for their flights, when in reality there are many hidden fees for rising fuel prices, extra .. Read more

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Record number of tourists cross national borders this year - Holidays Travel News

The dynamics of international travel are quickly changing. Only a few decades ago, the vast majority of individuals across the globe did not leave their home country due to transportation and financial constraints of the times. However, technology and a travel-savvy dem.. Read more

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New hotel designs create lavish and luxurious places to stay - Hotels Travel News

It may take a lot these days to impress travellers when it comes to memorable places to stay on holiday. Hotels and resorts are introducing more first-class amenities and services than ever before, giving affluent travellers the chance to experience one-of-a-kind accomm.. Read more

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Philippines launches social media sites for travellers - Philippines Travel News

Most major tourism boards have found ways to use online communication to their advantage when it comes to campaigns and promotions. Travellers are more likely to turn to social media platforms and online forums to find top travel tips on what to see and do than in tradi.. Read more

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Bringing teenagers on holiday can be exciting - Family Travel News

Indian travellers who are bringing their teenage children or relatives along on a holiday abroad may have to try some tricks to keep young people engaged and entertained. With the right preparation and by visiting the best places for adolescents, families who have teena.. Read more

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