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London Travel News

Most breathtaking places in the world for ice skating - London Travel News

Ice skating is a beloved winter pastime for many people in places with chilly winters. But visitors from warmer places should definitely try their hand - or foot - at ice skating. Check out some of the most beautiful ice skating spots in the world:

Eiffel Tower Ice Rink,.. Read more

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London is planning a massive indoor ski facility - Adventure Travel News

London's mayor, Boris Johnson, recently announced that London will convert part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - from the 2012 Olympics - into one of the largest indoor ski facilities in the world. The resort will feature 20,000 square metres of runs for s.. Read more

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Fancy London hotel lends its marble walls to graffiti artists - Prague Travel News

The luxurious ME London Hotel has been given over to graffiti artists in cooperation with the group Street Art London. Five artists from around the world will join forces for a 30-metre tall mural on the hotel's stark white marble walls. This project, called "O.. Read more

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London abound in kid-friendly fun - Family Travel News

If you're taking a family vacation to London, you'll have to look past the art museums, fancy restaurants and scenic strolls, especially if you're travelling with toddlers. However, London has some fabulous sights and things to delight the kids and make pare.. Read more

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Explore London's top museums - London Travel News

If you're planning your London holidays, you should know that this world city of more than 8 million people boasts an impressive collection of museums. According to a recent report by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the research group AECOM, London ha.. Read more

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