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See the animated rice fields of Inakadate, Japan

Posted on Thursday 29 July 2010 in Japan


Typical rice paddys are not as interesting - Japan Travel News

Heading abroad on summer holidays is an excellent way to learn about a new culture and the beauties of a foreign land, and one of the most interesting and celebrated lands to travel is Japan. While most travelers will opt for more typical Japanese vacations in Tokyo or Okinawa, a new and unique form of cultural artwork is drawing travelers from across the globe to the northern prefecture of Aomori.

In Aomori, which is famous across Japan for its delicious apples, the rice fields of Inakadate have taken on a truly unique shape. Utilizing different colored species of rice plants, local man Koichi Hanada created ornate designs in the rice fields. Dubbing his creation "paddy art," Hanada's work has now become an annual tradition and the designs have only become grander.

Local mayor, Koyu Suzuki told the New York Times that the designs, which include traditional ukiyoe-style Japanese warriors and maidens, have become more intricate in an attempt to top the previous years' work.

"We have no sea and no mountains, but what we do have plenty of is rice," the 70-year-old mayor told the news provider. "We have to create a tourism industry using our own ingenuity." 

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