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Tel Aviv works on tourism project to attract more travellers

Posted on Tuesday 08 May 2012 in Israel


Tel Aviv works on tourism project to attract more travellers - Israel Travel News

Although enjoying holidays in Israel is nothing new for Indian travellers, some tourism organisations in cities like Tel Aviv are working toward new initiatives that will encourage more interest in the area. Companies are making it easier to reach the city by adding flights, while others are introducing new forms of public transportation within the metropolis so guests can venture to attractions efficiently and quickly.

For instance, EasyJet has announced they will have flights available from Manchester, England, to Tel Aviv starting next fall. India travellers who wish to plan a longer, luxury travel trip could visit both locales at wallet-friendly rates on this new route. Recently, the airline also listed itineraries for round trip flights to London and Tel Aviv as well, with additional routes to Israel in the works for the future.

"We’re excited to be expanding our Manchester operation by launching EasyJet’s first route to Tel Aviv from the North West of England," said Ali Gayward, EasyJet's commercial manager. "There is a very strong cultural link between the North West of England and Tel Aviv, with a large Jewish community in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We hope this direct route will demonstrate our commitment to providing low-cost flight options for popular routes."

EasyJet is not the only carrier to offer flights to and from Tel Aviv. British Airways celebrated the anniversary of their Tel Aviv route from London this year, which has been offered for eight decades. Last year alone, more than 250,000 passengers took one of the two daily flights offered. Indian travellers can use EasyJet, British Airways or a number of other carriers to reach Israel, including Royal Jordanian and Emirates.

When Indian travellers arrive in the city after their flight, they may want to see the sights by bicycle, since the weather is often favourable and there is so much to experience right on the streets. Called the Tel-O-Fun, the new bike service has hubs throughout the metropolis that are used by roughly 8,000 locals and tourists per day. On the first day of the year, the bicycle service was open to visitors by offering daily subscriptions, which has alleviated some of the congestion on the roadways. There are still some issues being worked on with the electronically stored equipment, but overall individuals in the city say that they think the idea has had a positive impact on Tel Aviv.

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