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Unusual places to imbibe around the world

Posted on Thursday 17 May 2012 in India, Japan, Philippines


Taking trips abroad often means indulging in the local food and drink, including special spirits that may be customary to the region.  - India Travel News

Taking trips abroad often means indulging in the local food and drink, including special spirits that may be customary to the region. Fortunately, most Indian travellers will not have a hard time finding social drinking spots in almost any corner of globe, as having a cold one with friends is a popular and universal tradition.

Over the years, the art of crafting local beers, spirits and wine has been an art form in itself, as well as the designs of the establishments in which guests imbibe. For instance, an English architecture firm called Jump Studios just completed a one-of-a-kind watering hole submarine that completely submerges guests under the surface. According to The Australian, the concept was created for a special contest hosted by Guinness, which is a leading beer company based in the U.K. The idea from Jump Studios won due to its amazing features and futuristic decor.

Inside the submarine, seats and the bar are covered in LED lights and glass-reinforced plastic. There are places to store and keep beer cans cool accompanied by plenty of windows to enjoy the view.

The submarine bar created in England is not the only unique place where Indian travellers can have a beverage abroad. Individuals who choose to take flights to Tokyo can make plans to visit the Albatross. According to Lonely Planet, it may be one of the smallest bars in the world, allowing for only 10 guests at a time that can order drinks through holes in the wall to save space.

In the Philippines, fans of the Lord of the Rings series may sip their libations at the Hobbit House. Owned and operated by little people, this establishment makes light of the classic novels and encourages guests to have a great time checking out the Hobbit-like ambiance and live music.

India also has its fair share of odd and quirky bars, restaurants and pubs. Travellers journeying to Bangalore, will have the chance to keep an eye out for Nasa, which may be the country's only astronaut-themed bar. Patrons can see laser light shows, order drinks from the "fuel tank" and grab a seat at the tables decorated like rockets.

The atmosphere in which one has a refreshing drink while on holiday can make all the difference, so Indian travellers will want to find out which interesting and fun bars will be in their new locale to try on their trip.

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