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Hong Kong Travel News

Asia's most unique new hotels - Hyatt Travel News

Travel + Leisure recently released a list of the world's most unique new hotels and, not surprisingly, the Asian region had quite a few on the list. Here are some of the best and most interesting new hotels across Asia, whether you're heading out for .. Read more

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Hong Kong must-eats - Food & Wine Travel News

Citizens of Hong Kong are known for their love of food - specifically their own flavourful cuisine, which is different than that of mainland China. During your Hong Kong holidays.. Read more

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Find the best vegetarian eats in Hong Kong - Food & Wine Travel News

While dining out during your Hong Kong holidays, you might notice that many restaurants have very few, if any, meat-free dishes on their menus. Whether you're a strict vegan or just an occasional vegetarian, here's where to find the best vegetarian restaurants i.. Read more

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East and Southeast Asia's best new hotels - Hotels Travel News

Hotels aren't always as wonderful in person as you might have hoped. If you're a world-traveller, you probably understand the benefits of staying at a hotel that someone else has recommended, because you know you'll get what you're expecting. During your.. Read more

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Top 10 Hong Kong hot spots for a late night out - Nightlife Travel News

Hong Kong is an awesome party spot. Here are the top places to stay late, drink up and dance during your Hong Kong holidays:

MO Bar This luxury two-storey bar in the Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel is the place to find celebrities and the well-heeled. The cocktai.. Read more

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