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The Notting Hill Carnival is fun for the whole family

Posted on Friday 05 August 2011 in England


The Notting Hill Carnival is fantastic fun for the whole family - England Travel News

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the highlights of the fall season. Held in West London each year, it is known as one of the largest festivals in all of Europe and a guaranteed good time for kids, adults and everything in between.

Though the Notting Hill Carnival is now one of the largest street festivals in the world, it did not start out that way. Back in 1964, it began its life as a small celebration of African and Caribbean culture by individuals living in the ethnic enclaves of London. However, over the nearly 50 years that has been held, the event has grown immensely and now is one of the biggest and best events on the social calendars of both Londoners and visitors to Great Britain alike.

Individuals who plan to travel to England to enjoy this wonderful festival should book their tickets now. The Notting Hill Carnival is traditionally held each year during the August Bank Holiday Weekend, which will be coming up this month on the 28 and 29. A parade will take to the streets of London bright and early on Sunday at 9 a.m., which serves as the lead off for a full day of kid-friendly actives. Celebrations will continue at the same time the next morning to kick off the adults-only portion of the carnival.

Carnival attendees can expect to be wined, dined and entertained at this fun event. According to the festival's website, there will be hundreds of stalls selling Caribbean food lining the streets of West London. Hungry individuals will be able to sample as much jerk chicken, fried plantain, spicy curry and rum punch as they desire, while the adventurous few in the group may want to try some of the more exotic island delicacies.

Music lovers are sure to be excited about the many different sights and sounds they will be privy to at the Notting Hill Carnival. Much of the Caribbean culture is based around music, and this fun event is no different. It is said that the loud beats of drums, guitars and traditional instruments can be heard from miles away while the carnival is taking place. Visitors may enjoy listening to one of the many reggae, R and B, funk, house, dub and steel bands that will take the stage at the festival later this month. 

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