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Free attractions in London

Posted on Friday 20 July 2012 in England


Free attractions in London - England Travel News

Travelers booking flights to London can find a variety of free sights in the British capital that they should consider visiting.

London provides access to several of its museums free of charge. The Natural History Museum displays skeletons and fossils that visitors of all ages can enjoy as they learn about the past, while the Science Museum offers exhibits on topics ranging from medicine and veterinary history, to understanding one's individuality. To see artifacts from British history including the Elgin marbles, sculptures from ancient Greece, explore the British Museum. For artists, the National Portrait Gallery contains images of past and present British royalty as well as authors like Jane Austen and current celebrities and comedians. Though usually these museums charge no admission fees, travelers should verify that this is the case for the intended dates of their visit.

Shopping sites
Visitors do risk spending money when venturing off to shopping centers, but viewing and wandering around these areas is free. With seven floors spread across about 4.5 acres, the  department store Harrod's receives more than 15 million customers each year. Walking through to see the displays doesn't cost visitors anything, but those who choose to purchase clothes or eat at one of the several dining options within Harrod's may wish to bring shopping money with them.

Markets are scattered all around London, and make for a great trip whether travelers wish to peruse through the local stands or hunt for a specific item. Portobello Road Market is full activity on Saturdays, and is a tradition that began in 1870. Known mainly for its antiques, the road has a variety of vendors, and even street performers on certain days. For visitors who enjoy this kind of atmosphere, there is also Camden Lock Market which has more musical items for sale, in addition to food stands.

Changing of the Guard
With the recent royal wedding and the excitement for Will and Kate, many tourists may wish to see part of the traditional royal family and their guards. Every day in the summer and every other day in the winter, the Changing of the Guard occurs in front of Buckingham Palace, and involves the classic English guards switching places as they continue to protect the royal family.

Exploring London by foot may lead travelers to even more free locations, like strolling by the Thames River on the South Bank. Tourists can venture off to these attractions and discover new places on their own as well. 

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