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Egypt is the ‘perfect holiday destination’

Posted on Saturday 21 August 2010 in Egypt


There is plenty to see and do in Egypt - Egypt Travel News

The Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA), in partnership with Safari India, has named Egypt as the “perfect holiday destination.”

Adel El Masary, Director of India’s Egyptian Tourism Office, stated that India is a prime market for Egypt.

“In the first quarter of 2010, Egypt has drawn 34,447 Indian tourists, registering a growth of 37.8 percent over the corresponding period last year,” said El Masary. He added that nearly 40 percent of India’s outbound tourists head to the North African country, and that he would like to promote the nation as a “wellness and water sport destination.”

Safari India finds Egypt to be a great destination for the “globe-trotting businessperson and the corporate Indian traveler,” however the country’s tourism department is also trying to encourage more romantic getaways for Indians planning their honeymoons. To do so, it will further promote its popular Luxor and Nile cruises.

Although some people still view Egypt as a “pyramid culture,” Luxor offers many modern restaurants and clubs in conjunction with ancient monuments.

PATWA also honored El Masary this week with the award for Best Tourism Director from Overseas.

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