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Egyptian tourism officials host cultural week in India to promote travel

Posted on Tuesday 31 January 2012 in Egypt, India, Cairo, Delhi


Indian travellers who are ready to take their next adventure travel trips have a wealth of options to choose from.  - Cairo Travel News

Indian travellers who are ready to take their next adventure travel trips have a wealth of options to choose from. However, some conflicts in various nations may make some tourists hesitant to journey to some areas, or they may not know if the region is stable enough for visitors. One country that has some unrest in the past is encouraging travellers to check out its wonderful attractions and traditions again by presenting a special event throughout India.

Egypt officials say that things are going well in the country and most places are more than safe for tourists to enjoy on holiday. To prove this point, the tourism board hosted a special Egyptian Cultural Week throughout locations in India this January, presenting concerts, traditional demonstrations and dance shows, reports The Times of India.

One of the main highlights during the event was the vibrant jazz performances at the Kamani Theatre in New Delhi. A group of modern Egyptian jazz artists put on a show that was followed by a dance showcase by a troupe of mute and deaf Egyptians.

"Egypt has a very vibrant jazz scene - especially in Cairo," Amro Salah, head coordinator of the Eftekasat jazz project, told the news source. "One should keep in mind that the history of jazz in Egypt - a cultural melting pot - dates back to the 1930s with the evolution of modern cinema and the world wars. Legends like Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Louis Armstrong [and] Dizzy Gillespie have performed in Cairo."

It has been one year since the Egyptian revolution occurred, and the local tourism boards are hoping to bring the number of visitors back up slowly, reports the Easy Destination blog. They have garnered support from many outlets, including American actor Sean Penn who recently paid the country a visit. If numbers do not increase immediately, some say they have hope that things may return to normal after the elections are held this summer.

Although the country is slowly repairing its ties with several other nations throughout the world, travellers may want to consider this region for their future travel plans for a truly memorable experience. Egypt and the surrounding countries all have an array of wonderful beachy shorelines, historical landmarks and various entertainment options to please all ages.

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