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Egypt Travel News

Well-preserved cave paintings found in Mexico - World heritage Travel News

Do you like art? How about ancient art? Though it's unclear yet whether they will be open for tourism, nearly 5,000 cave paintings have been found in a series of 11 caves in northeastern Mexico.

The finding is significant because it was previoulsy believed that no in.. Read more

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Africa tourism groups advocate more relaxed visa laws for travellers - Egypt Travel News

The vast array of travel opportunities in Africa for Indian travellers is practically infinite, and several experts from organisations throughout the continents hope to entice even more guests to visit in the future. The proposal suggests a plan for visas to be obtained.. Read more

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Qatar Airways adds new routes this spring - Flights Travel News

Venturing to far away destinations may become easier in the near future for Indian travellers who choose to take flights with Qatar Airways. The company recently announced its extensive overhaul plans that will add at least five new routes to its repertoire, starting in.. Read more

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Egyptian tourism officials host cultural week in India to promote travel - Cairo Travel News

Indian travellers who are ready to take their next adventure travel trips have a wealth of options to choose from. However, some conflicts in various nations may make some tourists hesitant to journey to some areas, or they may not know if the region is stable enough fo.. Read more

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Travellers taking trips for charity - Adventure Travel News

As the world continues to handle uncertain economic times, several travellers are rethinking the way they take their holidays. Many have found ways to give back to the communities they visit by venturing on volunteer-themed getaways. Others will travel to charity events.. Read more

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