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Denmark's iconic mermaid statue finally finds love

Posted on Monday 04 June 2012 in Denmark, Copenhagen


Denmark's iconic Mermaid statue finally finds love - Copenhagen Travel News

Copenhagen has many iconic landmarks, but none may be as recognisable as the Little Mermaid statue on the waterfront. For decades, this piece of art has mournfully looked out of the water, but local sculptors Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset plan to create a happy ending to her tale of loneliness. Indian travellers taking flights to Copenhagen in the near future should keep a lookout for the country's newest outdoor sculpture.

The Little Mermaid has an interesting history. Commissioned in the early 1900s, Carl Jacobsen modelled the sculpture after the classic children's book character created by Hans Christian Andersen. Although the statue has undergone the stresses of time and has been damaged my protesters and vandals, it is always restored to its original post and is well-loved by many who tour the area and live in the city. This icon is made primarily of bronze and is affixed in natural rock near the water's edge.

Town across from Copenhagen welcomes new male merman statue

The new male version of the Little Mermaid, called Hans, will be located in the harbour front in the town of Helsingoer, which is across the Oeresund Strait from Copenhagen. This was designed so it seems as if the young mermaid is staring out across the water to her love. The new statute, which cost roughly AUS $500,000, will be made of stainless steel and is fashioned in a similar sitting pose on a metal rock like the parallel piece in Denmark's capital city.

Officials from Helsingoer say that this will be a unique piece to add to its Culture Yard that boasts a 600-year old history as a prominent touring and commercial area along the water. A new artistic piece could draw additional tourists to the town that have come to Denmark to visit Copenhagen and may fancy a trip across the strait to see Hans.

"Saturday will be an exciting day. I look forward to seeing people's reactions when they actually see him," said Johannes Hecht-Nielsen, the mayor of Helsingoer. "It's a beautiful sculpture and it has lots of curious details - like the eye that blinks and the mirror effect."

More things to see and do in Copenhagen

While in the area seeing Denmark's newest creation, Indian travellers will want to experience other great attractions in and around Copenhagen. For instance, many tourists choose to gaze upon the Christianborg Slot, which once served as a castle for royalty in the 1400s. The latest version was built in the 1920s and is made of granite and copper, but still holds the grandeur of an elegant and historic city icon.

When the weather is favourable, travellers and locals alike flock to the Frilandsmuseet, which is a large open-air museum. The complex recreated the country of old and has captured the essence of what it looked like in the 19th century. Guests may stroll through 89 acres of windmills, cottages, farmsteads and fisherman huts to see how residents once lived and made their livelihoods. Actors donning traditional garb often put on live demonstrations of pottery making or dancing to the delight of those exploring the town.

Visiting the two statues and taking in all the sights around these two towns can be a great way for Indian travellers to experience new cultures and indulge in a fun European holiday abroad.

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