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China soon to be most travelled country in the world by foreign visitors

Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2012 in China


As its population grows and its economy strengthens, China is quickly topping the charts as one of the most favourable travel destinations in the world.  - China Travel News

As its population grows and its economy strengthens, China is quickly topping the charts as one of the most favourable travel destinations in the world. A recent report released by Travelport suggests that within the next five years, the country will be the number one spot for foreign tourists venturing to Asia on holiday. Indian travellers looking to explore a new locale abroad can make plans to visit China and join the other individuals who have found adventure and luxury travel experiences in this part of the world.

Travelport is working with transportation hubs and other tourism organisations to ensure that all those who want to visit China will have the opportunity to do so with a wealth of options for the journey and things to do upon arrival. Officials hope to utilise online resources, as one-third of the world is on the internet and many are searching for the best deals for their upcoming trips. The demographic that Travelport's consulting and distribution services are focusing on is mostly middle-class travellers, since it's projected that roughly 66 per cent of the world's middle-class population will be located in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030, many of whom will take flights to Beijing and other major Chinese cities.

Business travellers also head to China

Leisure travellers are not the only group though that is being targeted by tourism officials. According to CNN Go, China may soon welcome more visitors than the U.S. in the business sector. By 2013, China is slated to outdo the U.S. in revenue  in the industry, according to a report published by the Global Business Travel Association.

"I've been flying on China's domestic flights for the past few years and I've found that the airline and airport services in China are much better than before," said Tammy Lee, director of a Seoul-based real estate development company, as quoted by the news source. "That also goes for hotels. It's getting harder to book hotels in Beijing and Shanghai."

However, the opportunities for all types of travellers are still plentiful in these cities with the right planning. Shanghai in particular has been drawing in guests looking to experience China's big city atmosphere as well as some of the more traditional offerings. For example, Indian travellers will not want to miss a visit to the art district of Tainzifang or scenic Bund waterfront.

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