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Avis Car Rental named one of India's top tourist transport companies - Car Hire Travel News

Taking a trip abroad or domestically usually means that travellers will need a mode of transportation to get around and see the sights. This means that visitors will utilise public transportation, short flights, taxis or car hires to quickly and efficiently reach each p.. Read more

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Latest upscale resort to open in Malaysia this summer - Kuala Lumpur Travel News

A small body of land in the South China Sea will soon be home to a brand new resort nestled in a tropical paradise. The Gaya Island Resort will open on July 1 and it is said to be one of the newest premier places to stay in Malaysia for a luxury travel.. Read more

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Azerbaijan to host international tourism convention, encouraging travellers to visit - Beach & Islands Travel News

When Aussies want to pursue an adventure travel excursion, there are countless destinations to choose from that have a diverse set of customs, attractions and other unique delights for travellers to enjoy. One area of the world that is looking to expand its horizons whe.. Read more

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Bed and Breakfasts stays remain favourable worldwide - Rome Travel News

As travellers are following recent trends toward more personal and unique holiday trips, bed and breakfasts are in the spotlight as alternative options to large resorts or chain hotels. Many individuals in tourism are advertising these B&Bs as a way to have a person.. Read more

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Food and culture await visitors to New York City this summer  - New York Travel News

If travellers are taking cheap flights to New York City this summer, and it is their first time visiting The Big Apple, they will want to set aside enough time to visit some of the city's world-famous attractions. After all, no trip to New York City is complete with.. Read more

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