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 World tourism organisations and travellers begin to prepare for FIFA World Cup - Rio De Janeiro Travel News

Football fans from around the globe are gearing up for the FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Brazil in 2014. Two years ago, the tournament was held in South Africa and was received well by international fans who made journeys to the country for the event. By host.. Read more

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India tourism organisation turns to diversification to increase interest - Dubai Travel News

Although much of the world is still experiencing an uncertain economic climate, many Indian travellers are taking holidays and looking at ways to get more bang for their buck. Businesses in the tourism industry have been working on their offerings to provide potential c.. Read more

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Longest suspension bridge in the world now opened to travellers and residents in China - Shanghai Travel News

A new manmade wonder has been completed in China and is now open for all travellers and locals to experience. In China's Hunan province, the world's largest suspension bridge was completed at the end of March, culminating in a massive opening ceremony welcoming .. Read more

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British Airways planes get new paint jobs for London Olympics - Flights Travel News

Organisations based in England are gearing up for the Olympic Games that will be held in London this summer. since the city will be full of travellers and guests during this exciting time, many companies are doing what they can to stand out amongst the crowd to promote .. Read more

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Travellers reduce their carbon footprint by reusing water bottles - Argentina Travel News

Last year the world's population hit 7 billion inhabitants, with more than one billion people living in India. Due to the world supporting an increasing number of people, pollution is an ongoing debate among environmental organisations as well as travel corporations.. Read more

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