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Visit the fairy tale land of Cappadocia, Turkey - Scenic Beauty Travel News

The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity to visit the stunning natural landforms, cave dwellings and remains of the Cappadocian Kingdom in the central Anatolian region of Turkey. All of the structures in Cappadocia are amazing, but here are some mus.. Read more

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Ten swankiest airport bars around the world - Airport Travel News

Though you might not picture an airport as a venue to grab a classy cocktail in an upscale environment; rather, we typically think of fast food or overpriced, mediocre restaurants. But whether you need a strong drink to calm your nerves before air travel or you're j.. Read more

Read more about : Italy, Switzerland, United States of America, Airport, Rome, Singapore, Zurich, Chicago

What to do in Amsterdam with kids - Family Travel News

Amsterdam might be known as a free-spirited place where certain substances are easily available and legal. But Amsterdam is also just about as child-friendly as they come regarding cities. Here are some of the top things to do and see with your kids during your .. Read more

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Best new luxury Indian hotels - Honeymoon Travel News

In the past year, several new luxury hotels have opened across India. Whether you prefer weekend getaways to Mumbai or are looking into honeymoon travel locales, here are some.. Read more

Read more about : India, Honeymoon, Scenic Beauty, Luxury, Hilton, Hyatt, Shangri La, Chennai, Mumbai

Georgia, hidden gem of the Caucasus Mountains - Adventure Travel News

If there's ever been a more overlooked country for adventure travel and natural beauty, it's Georgia - a small scenic nation sandwiched between the Black Sea, Russia and Turkey. Here are some must-see places in Georgia:

Vashlovani Na.. Read more

Read more about : Adventure, Scenic Beauty, Skiing

Best Irish pubs in Boston - Food & Wine Travel News

Boston in the U.S. state of Massachusetts has a rich Irish heritage. If you're in Boston for business travel or leisure, grab a drink and some traditional Irish eats at these excellent local pubs:

J.J. Foley's Bar & Grille This .. Read more

Read more about : United States of America, Food & Wine, Nightlife, Business, Boston

Fancy London hotel lends its marble walls to graffiti artists - Prague Travel News

The luxurious ME London Hotel has been given over to graffiti artists in cooperation with the group Street Art London. Five artists from around the world will join forces for a 30-metre tall mural on the hotel's stark white marble walls. This project, called "O.. Read more

Read more about : Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Prague, London, Glasgow

Explore these awesome oddities during your trip to Vietnam - Emirates Travel News

The s-shaped country of Vietnam has plenty to do and see. Here are some of the quirkiest sites and attractions to experience during your Vietnam holidays:

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park, Ho Chi Minh City Book your Singapore Airlines or Emirates flights.. Read more

Read more about : Vietnam, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Ho Chi Minh

Scenic beauty awaits in Vancouver's city gardens - Scenic Beauty Travel News

Nestled into the North Shore Mountains on Canada's western coast, the picturesque city of Vancouver is the perfect location to escape during the steamy, wet monsoon season. During your stay, you can visit Vancouver's many beautiful city gardens. Here are two of .. Read more

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Massive Baroque park in central Germany named new UNESCO site - Scenic Beauty Travel News

Europe's largest park on a hill - the massive and spectacular Baroque-style Bergpark Whilhelmshohe in Kassel, Germany - was named a new UNESCO World Heritage site on June 23. The Bergpark ("mountain park," in German) sits on 2.4 square kilometres and is th.. Read more

Read more about : Germany, Scenic Beauty, World heritage, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich

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