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Where to find the best sweet treats in Mumbai - Food & Wine Travel News

If you're vacationing in the area, you'll soon find out that Mumbaikars love their sweets - both Indian and international. During your Mumbai holidays, check out these top locales for delicious desserts:

Mad Over Donuts

Sure, M.O.D. is a chain,.. Read more

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Check out these Florence hotels for a luxurious holiday - Luxury Travel News

During your Florence holidays, check into one of these lovely and luxurious hotels to feel completely pampered:

Westin Excelsior

The Westin Excelsior is located on Piazza Ognissanti right on the Arno River, and is only a short walk from two of Florence'.. Read more

Read more about : Italy, Luxury, Four Seasons, Westin, Florence

Travel three of the most scenic routes in the world - Beach & Islands Travel News

If you like road trips, treat yourself to something spectacular during your summer holidays. Make your journey the best part of your getaway at 3 of the top scenic routes in the world:

Italy's Amalfi Coast

Italy's stunning Amalfi Coa.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, Italy, Beach & Islands, Scenic Beauty, Melbourne, Sorrento


Best eats in Berlin - Food & Wine Travel News

Berlin is a wonderful city for foodies where you can get great meals on a dime. So book your cheap flights to Berlin and check out these top German eats and where to find them in Berlin:


Though it looks like pasta, spaetzl.. Read more

Read more about : Germany, Food & Wine, Berlin

Enjoy the picturesque scenery in Marseille - Beach & Islands Travel News

Though it's not far from the French Riviera, Marseille is often overlooked by travellers who often favour other destinations, such as Nice, Cannes and Monaco. In fact, Marseille is probably one of the most underrated places for summer holidays.. Read more

Read more about : France, Beach & Islands, Scenic Beauty, Summer

Spend your holidays relaxing at one of the best beach hotels in the world - Beach & Islands Travel News

The next time you're ready to splurge on a relaxing getaway involving surf, sun and sand, consider staying somewhere truly magnificent. Here's an overview of the best hotels and resorts in the world for perfect beach holidays.. Read more

Read more about : Australia, Italy, Beach & Islands, Romance, Scenic Beauty, Luxury, Adelaide, Sorrento

Visit Los Angeles with the kids - Family Travel News

Sunny Los Angeles has nearly perfect weather year-round and is an awesome destination for a family vacation. Whether you're in the market for beach holidays or wan.. Read more

Read more about : Family, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood

Explore Sicily's Greek ruins - Scenic Beauty Travel News

Many people embark on Athens holidays to see ancient Greek ruins, and rightly so. But the beautiful Parthenon, Agora and temples of the Acropolis can be incredibly crowded and stuffy, as tourists from around the world arrive to see some of the most revered sites on eart.. Read more

Read more about : Greece, Italy, Scenic Beauty, World heritage, Athens

Two of the best restaurants for international eats in Tokyo - Food & Wine Travel News

If you're spending an extended period of time in Tokyo for business travel, you might start to crave more than sushi, sashimi, ramen and soba. Due to the high number of business travellers, ex-patriots and visitors to Japan, you'll definitely find.. Read more

Read more about : Japan, Food & Wine, Business, Hyatt, Tokyo

Incredible hotels around the world - Vancouver Travel News

There are some incredibly unique hotels around the world that you should check out during your world travels on summer holidays or a family vacation. Whether you want t.. Read more

Read more about : Canada, Fiji, Sweden, Vancouver

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