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Nice for the art lover - Nice Travel News

Nice and other cities and villages in the South of France are known for their glistening azure waters, crystal sand and upscale vacation vibe. But Nice is also a perfect city for the art lover to see some amazing specimens. During your Nice holidays.. Read more

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Most unexpected places to visit in Madrid - Madrid Travel News

Madrid is a Spanish city with an old-world feel, interesting history and a rich art scene. Book your cheap flights to Madrid and make sure to visit the famous art museums - Museo Nacional del Prado and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia - or lounge.. Read more

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Top historic sites in Tokyo - Tokyo Travel News

While Tokyo is hailed as a modern mega-city with all of the cutting edge technology, architecture and fashion, it also has deep roots. If you're interested in Japanese history or even just seeing beautiful things, here are the top historic sites to see on your .. Read more

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The most romantic places in San Francisco - Intercontinental Travel News

San Francisco is an excellent place for a romantic getaway due to its laid-back vibe and welcoming locals. Plus, it's a beautiful place with much to do and see. Here are some excellent things to do on your San Francisco holidays.. Read more

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Mumbai's best hotel restaurants - Hyatt Travel News

Mumbai is an awesome, hectic mega-city with thousands of enticing dining options. But don't look past your hotel's restaurant, which very well could be one of the best spots to eat in the area. Hotel dining also has its perks on a day where you're tired from.. Read more

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Best attractions for kids in Delhi - Family Travel News

If you're taking Delhi holidays with kids, it can be a children's paradise when you know where to go. Here are the best spots in Delhi for the kids:

Lohdi Gardens Located in the heart of Delhi, these gardens are the perfect pla.. Read more

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Tips for tolerable business travel - Business Travel News

Business travel is very common these days. Many people just starting a job that requires a lot of travel are very excited for this new adventure, but once they become seasoned travellers, it often starts to feel stressful, boring or just plain inconvenient. Whether you&.. Read more

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Five great things to do besides drinking in Dublin - Dublin Travel News

There's maybe no other country better known for its love of libations than Ireland. While in Dublin, you can take a tour and tasting at the Guinness Storehouse or the Old Jameson Distillery and check out some of the most famous Irish pubs, like The Stag's Head, .. Read more

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Best hotels on the water in sunny San Diego - Hyatt Travel News

San Diego is a wonderful beach city located in Southern California that rarely experiences inclement weather. If you're heading here to relish the relaxed Cali vibe, here are some of the best beach side hotels to stay in during San Diego holidays.. Read more

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Unique Paris museums for the truly curious - Paris Travel News

The most well-known museums in Paris - and truly some of the most famous around the world - are the Louvre and the Museé d' Orsay, which boast world-renowned art collections. But the City of Love has some lesser-known museums that are worth a look, if not for.. Read more

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