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Top Summer Holidays Destinations

Ah, summer – relaxing and low-key, summer is the season for eluding the mundane of everyday life with a soothing vacation. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat or enjoy summer festivals abroad, these five destinations are perfect for a summer holiday.
New York Summer Holidays |

1New York Summer Holidays

Is there a better city on earth for enjoying the summer? Many people who love New York would say that the answer is definitively "no"! From the wonderful sights and sounds of Times Square to the excellent opportunities afforded by the Hudson bay, folks are treated to a host of different experiences when they spend a summer in New York.

Only a short drive away from the city is the expanse of the Hamptons, while folks are just fine staying in the city, too. Seeing a summer show is easy with Broadway and its famed musicals right there. Taking in a summer ballgame is simple, as New York features two brand new baseball parks - Citi Field in Queens and the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Some of the top restaurants in the world are right at the disposal of hungry summer residents. Likewise, those individuals have many different apartments to choose from, whether it is a snazzy studio in Midtown Manhattan or an upscale condo in The Village. There really is no way you can completely appreciate the essence of New York until you have spent some time there, and you will be very glad that you shared those experiences with fellow travelers from around the world.

San Francisco Summer Holidays |

2San Francisco Summer Holidays

Full of grace and ripe with pleasures to enjoy, San Francisco is a city that is perfect for a summer holiday. Summer in San Francisco is an eclectic adventure, with people filling the streets and opportunities for fun abounding. Is there a place on planet earth that tops the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge at sundown? Those who have seen it with their own eyes would tell you that it's not likely.

Whether going down to the great bridge or embracing the history of Alcatraz Island, there is always something to see during a San Francisco summer day. As a city steeped in sports tradition, San Francisco also offers a world class baseball park for travelers to enjoy the old American game. The city's Giants play there, but enjoying a game is about much more than just baseball.

With some of the world's finest restaurants and the beautiful wine country just a few miles away, San Francisco delivers for its visitors on many levels. Appreciating its beauty and the wonderful atmosphere requires a visit, as it can't be experienced through pictures or videos.

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Sydney Summer Holidays |

3Sydney Summer Holidays

Sydney attracts tourists from around the globe with spectacular beaches, fun filled festivals, lush gardens and the rugged Blue Mountains. The absolute best time of year to enjoy all these wonders is during the clement Sydney summer from December to March.

Choose an elegant waterside hotel, a beachfront bungalow or a romantic villa with views of the Indian Ocean: there’s a style of accommodation here to suit the most discerning of international travellers. For sophistication, base yourself in Seminyak or Nusa Dua; for tranquillity and lazy days on the sand head to Jimbaran – and for somewhere a little different, go inland and up-country to Ubud.

The natural beauty of the majestic Blue Mountains excites travelers young and old. From the Giant Staircase running down into Jamison Valley in view of the sandstone Three Sisters to the limestone Jenolan caves there is enough to fully engage even the most seasoned adventurer.

London Summer Holidays |

4London Summer Holidays

London has the largest metropolitan population in the United Kingdom. Armed with that knowledge, this enchanting city is full of exciting events and attractions throughout the summer.

The Notting Hill Carnival takes place on the streets of Notting Hill every summer in August. This event attracts approximately two million people and is home to the world's second largest street festival. Parks are a wonderful place to enjoy the season of summer. Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and St. James's Park offer visitors a variety of activities. Horseback riding, tennis, picnics, and historical events are just a few examples of the many activities London's parks offer visitors. The London Zoo has over seven-hundred species of animals. Gorilla Kingdom, an aquarium, and Giants of the Galapagos are all exciting exhibits that may be enjoyed during the warm summer months of London.

No summer visit to London would be complete without attending a music festival or concert. Many local parks offer concerts to invite individuals to enjoy the refreshing air and good music. Regents Open Air Theatre offers summertime patrons a variety of productions while in a natural setting. Many of the shows are suitable for adults and children so the entire family can enjoy the performance. London has many activities to offer both visitors and locals. Concerts in the park, London Zoo, and Notting Hill Carnival allows individuals the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of events.

Paris Summer Holidays |

5Paris Summer Holidays

Paris, France, nicknamed “La Ville-Lumiere”, “The City of Light”, is steeped in centuries of history and culture, picturesque landscapes and fountains, world-renowned shops, and quaint sidewalk cafes – a perfect summertime destination!

Sight-seeing in Paris might begin with a stroll or boat ride down the River Seine to the Place de la Bastille or the Quartier Latin. Walk down the Champs-Elysees, one of Paris’ most famous streets, and home to world-renowned shops and luxury labels like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Visit Montmartre, a historic artist colony that was once frequented by Picasso and Van Gogh. Paris has some of the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks. Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the twelfth-century, sits on the Seine in all its glory. The Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower are romantically lighted by night. The Louvre, home to the world’s most famous art treasures, and the Palais Garnier, home to the Paris Opera and the Paris Opera Ballet are all here.

A relaxing walk through the Tuileries Garden, the Luxembourg Garden or a visit to a quaint sidewalk cafe for coffee, tea and pastry is a perfect way to unwind. If you want to experience the night life in Paris, there are theatres, bistros, and the world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

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