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Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

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Top Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel Destinations

If breathtaking scenic beauty is your thing, there’s a massive amount of choice out there – but five destinations reign supreme. These are the places where the most pleasant of aesthetics are proudly on display – whether natural or man-made, take in the scenic splendor; you won’t be disappointed.
Amsterdam Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel |

1Amsterdam Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

When you think of Amsterdam you think of old, narrow streets with centuries-old architecture. The city boasts over 7,000 registered historic buildings dating back to the 19th century. An extensive canal system littered with boats and docks snakes its way through the city and provides a major transportation network. There are many old boats converted in to restaurants along the canals that offer a unique view of the city. The city features some of Europe's most impressive churches and synagogues.

Amsterdam is also known for its tulip production. These flowers can be found at the Bloemenmarkt, a floating market located on the Singel Canal. They can also been seen outside the city in the magnificent and world famous tulip fields. These fields see thousands of tourists every year who come to marvel in the eternal waves of color. Tours are available from the city.

Amsterdam has no shortage of old world charm mixed with a modern and vibrant culture. A great way to take in the sights is to do what the locals do: ride a bike. Bikes can be rented from street vendors and offer a fun and exciting way to cover some ground in your sightseeing adventure.

Sydney Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel |

2Sydney Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

Experience the scenic beauty of Sydney, Austrailia, a celebrated beach goer's destination. Some of the most breathtaking shores in the world can be explored just a short distance from the city core. Once you've taken your fill of the beautiful coast, you can head inland to stroll through the lush Hyde Park, spectate at the Sydney Cricket Ground or admire the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The most famous of Sydney beaches is arguably Bondi Beach, located just a short distance south of the city, but Bronte, Manly and Clovelly beaches also attract many in the summer months. Sydney beaches provide a clement environment for sunbathing, water sports or picnicking as temperatures range from 18 degrees in the evening to a high of 25 degrees from December to March.

Scenic Sydney is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the verdant parks and elaborate gardens being oft cited reasons why. The well manicured Hyde Park houses many historical monuments such as the park's centerpiece, Archibald Fountain. The Royal Botanical Gardens are all about natural beauty, an excellent place spend a calm afternoon. On the other hand, if you would like to witness the raw, rugged Blue Mountains, they lie a mere 50 kilometers away.

Rome Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel |

3Rome Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

If you want to really take in a city's beauty, what better place than Rome? One of Europe's oldest cities, Rome is the capital of Italy and arguably the most influential city of the ancient Western world. Rome is a perfect example of a city that fuses ancient architecture with a modern scene.

Old Rome is the center of the Italian medieval and Renaissance eras. Littered with plazas, cathedrals as well as the famous Pantheon, this section of town has no shortage of scenic beauty. The Vatican is a world famous site with plenty of beautiful buildings, an array of museums home to the world's ancient relics, and the nearby village of Vaticano. Colosseo is the true heart of ancient Rome. The Roman forums, the Capitoline and of course the Coliseum make up this district's most historic sites. There are many museums in this sector that provide close up inspection of ancient relics. Weapons, scriptures and other items are on display and will doubt satisfy even the most intrepid travelers.

Rome is a city that truly shows our civilization's timeline all in one place. It’s also a city that offers an incredible immersion on one of the world's most vibrant cultures.

Switzerland Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel |

4Switzerland Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

It's nigh impossible to think of Switzerland without the Swiss Alps in the background. Such is the richness of the scenic beauty of Switzerland. For skiers, it is the ultimate dream. Switzerland is more than a skier's heaven. The Swiss possess an endearing charm as well as creativity and innovation. This makes Switzerland a great vacation spot the year round. There's something for everyone in Switzerland. Avid fanciers of history delight to archives and libraries full of information on Switzerland's enduring history.

Swiss cities reflect a notable contrast between old and new. The young enjoy the popular city venues while the older crowd finds the comfort of little shops and restaurants more to their liking. Add to this the scenic beauty of Switzerland and a vacation becomes a lifetime of happy memories.

Imagine having a quiet, candlelight dinner for two within the scenic beauty of Switzerland. Better still, imagine an energetic romp at the foothills of the Alps. All visitors to Switzerland have a "Heidi" inclination in them. Here in this fairy tale world of Switzerland, amid the enormous canopy of blue sky, you'll taste the fruits of Swiss life with a scenic view like no other in the world.

Agra Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel |

5Agra Scenic Beauty & Adventure Travel

A scenic adventure in Agra awaits you from the second that you step off of your plane. From the breathtaking marble palaces to the sandy beaches, Agra will leave you wanting to see more.

A visit to the Taj Mahal will take your breath away. Built between 1631 and 1648, this white marble mausoleum was built as a memorial from Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to honor his favorite wife. The Taj Mahal is considered to be the most well preserved and beautiful tombs in the world. The love that is represented in the marble will draw you in. Step back into the Indian history with a visit to the Agra Fort. This fort was built between 1565 and 1574 by Emperor Akbar as a way to consolidate his empire. From the Agra Fort you can experience a view of the Taj Mahal that can only be described as amazing.

To experience all of the exquisite sites and scenes that Agra has to offer you can take a cruise on the river, go for a leisurely camel ride along one of their many sandy beaches, enjoy a jeep ride through the ravines or just opt for a slow walk through the many sunlit fields of Agra.

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