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Top Romantic Getaways

It’s said that love knows no boundaries, and what better way to spend time with a loved one than travelling together to one of the world’s premier romantic getaways? We’ve selected five top destinations to help make your next romantic trip the memory of a lifetime!
Paris Romantic Getaways |

1Paris Romantic Getaways

With its long standing and well publicized tradition of romance, the city of Paris does much to keep its reputation intact in that regard. Does any city in the world go further to shower its visitors in pure and unabridged romance? Those coming off of a trip to the city would probably argue that Paris stands alone in this regard.

Seeing the city filled with lights at night time is an experience that most people never get, and it makes sense that they'd never understand. Until you have seen the Eiffel Tower in all of its glory with your own two eyes, you have no way of appreciating the romance that it creates. That might be a part of your holiday, while sipping French wine in the beauty countryside surrounding Paris could consumer a few hours as well.

Though writers can pen books about Paris and photographers can snap shots of the city in lights, travelers will understand that it's a city that can only be appreciated when you immerse yourself in the romance all around.

Bali Romantic Getaways |

2Bali Romantic Getaways

The island of Bali has a history that dates back to 2000 BC. Through the ages, Bali has been cloaked with intrigue and mystery, making it a favorite spot for tourists. Bali lies close to the equator, with a warm climate all year. As with any tropical destination, you can expect rains, the heaviest from December through March, but most days are sunny with rains in the evenings. The climate here is perfect for romantic walks on the beach, relaxing in the sun, or snorkeling the coral reefs. There are excursions down the coast by boat, helicopter, or seaplane for a panoramic view of the island.

The landscape and wildlife on the island are breathtaking. Bali is home to over 280 species of birds, coconut palms, banana and clove trees, and thousands of flowers blooming everywhere, with scents of hibiscus and jasmine in the air. Bali has long been known for its art, crafts, music and culture. Balinese dancers, temple festivals, and exquisite costumes light up the night skies.

Bali is a romantic island that offers private villas, honeymoons, and even weddings. Bali is the picture postcard setting, the unforgettable memory, the perfect place for romance to flourish.

San Francisco Romantic Getaways |

3San Francisco Romantic Getaways

San Francisco offers limitless possibilities for romance. Take a ride on a historic cable car, picnic in a seaside park under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, or wander the streets of North Beach in search of the perfect, intimate Italian restaurant. Watch street performers on Fisherman’s Wharf and then make your own escape from Alcatraz Prison. Shop in Union Square and take in views of the bay from the Coit Tower. Stroll the varied neighborhoods and take in the architecture and ambience- from Chinatown’s bustling dim sum eateries to the hippie culture in the Haight. San Francisco is famous for its cuisine and there are restaurants to suit every palate.

The romantic possibilities of San Francisco extend beyond the city itself. Escape to Napa for a wine tour or enjoy Monterey’s famous 17 mile scenic drive. Spot sea lions at Point Reyes National Seashore or pamper yourself with a spa day in Calistoga. It is easy to see why San Francisco is a favorite for honeymooners or those looking for a romantic getaway. Experience the magic and you too can lose your heart in San Francisco.

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Switzerland Romantic Getaways |

4Switzerland Romantic Getaways

Escape to the dramatic beauty that you have hitherto known only from fairy tales: Switzerland. The legendary profile of the Matterhorn will be silhouetted against aquarelle skies at Zermatt, where a playful day of skiing may be followed by a retreat from the blustery peaks via gondola to some of the oldest ski lodges in the world for some intimate relaxation with drinks and light refreshments by the fireside.

Be awakened by the sun rising over the lake in Lucerne, and be greet the trumpeter swans swimming on the crystal water, while happy cows with bells on their collars graze in green pastures with layer upon layer of dramatic backdrops unfolding in the distance. As the Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote, "If you haven’t seen the Interlaken countryside, you haven’t seen Switzerland." The quintessentially perfect Swiss countryside between the lakes of Brienz and Thun will warm the heart of even the most cynical of travelers. In the Graubunden canton, weary travelers and sophisticated lovers can enjoy in the ultimate spa experience while marveling at the sublime architectural splendor of Peter Zumthor's masterpiece at Therme Vals.

Discover enchantment, excitement, and romance at every turn as you experience the scenery of your past, present, and future fantasies.

Goa Romantic Getaways |

5Goa Romantic Getaways

Long walks on beautiful beaches are romantic almost to the point of cliché. With miles of pristine coastline on the warm and wonderful Arabian sea, Goa is one of India's most popular destination for surf lovers and sun worshipers. Warm sand beneath one's feet combines with the friendly, laid back attitudes that prevail here to make for an extraordinary vacation.

India's smallest state offers visitors a depth of culture and entertainment that greatly exceeds its size. Far from the crowded, bustling urban centers of the subcontinent's rapidly growing economy, Goa is perfect for relaxation, or seclusion. In Panaji, don't miss Fontainhas, which is an essential cultural and culinary hotspot.

Going traveling on a honeymoon voyage? What great symbolism, to celebrate your own marriage in a place that showcases the marriage of European culture and architecture with the art, the people and the long, rich history of India. Thanks to the Portuguese colonists who administered Goa for centuries, you can visit the sixteenth century Catholic Basilica of Bom Jesus and minutes later arrive at a traditional Indian temple.

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