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Book any domestic flight on

Book any domestic flight on between 24th January, 2011 and 15th February, 2011 and you will be eligible for a complimentary ticket, with base fare free on your next domestic flight booking!

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We email the coupons in 48 working hours

Within 48 working hours of making your booking, we will send you an email with as many coupon codes as tickets you had booked.

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Redeem your free ticket on SpiceJet using the coupon codes

Book your free* tickets on SpiceJet between 26th January & 20th February, 2011 by entering the coupon code on the payment step - you'll get your base fare free! Please read the redemption conditions given below before redeeming your free tickets.
*Note: Only base fare is free on the "free ticket"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any special type of booking to get a free ticket?

Yes. Just two conditions. (a) Book a domestic flight and (b) book between 24th January, 2011 and 15th February, 2011. Apart from that, any airline, any travel date, any number of passengers. For every adult & child ticket you book you will get an equal number of free tickets. Remember, you will not get a free ticket against an infant ticket.

How do I redeem the free ticket?

Within 48 working hours of making your original booking, you will receive an email with the coupon codes and detailed instructions on how to use them. You need to enter the coupon codes in the payment page to redeem your free tickets.

So, what do I need to know to redeem the free ticket?

Here goes:

  • You can make the original booking on any airline, however the free ticket can be redeemed only on SpiceJet.
  • You can redeem your free tickets only on adult or child bookings. You cannot redeem your free tickets for infant bookings.
  • You need to book your free tickets between 24th January & 20th February, 2011 for travel till 15th April, 2011.
  • Your free ticket has to be booked 15 days in advance of travel . For example, if you are redeeming your free ticket on 20th March, 2011 your travel date needs to be on or after 4th April, 2011.
  • The free tickets are redeemable on certain sectors/routes flown by SpiceJet within India. For your convenience, we have highlighted the SpiceJet flights on which you can redeem your free ticket on the flights search results page.
  • The best part? There are no black-out dates for travelling on your free ticket!

Redeeming multiple free tickets: You may receive multiple coupon codes depending upon how many tickets you booked originally – it's a "buy one get one free", remember? So, if you're eligible for 8 free tickets you will get 8 different coupon codes. Each coupon code is valid for 1 ticket only (1 passenger on 1 direct, one way flight). So, if you want to book a free* return trip for a family of four, you will have to enter eight different coupon codes separated by commas on the payment step (4 passengers x 2 flights = 8 tickets = 8 coupon codes). For example you may end up entering the coupon codes like this: CC123, CC234, CC345, CC456, CC567, CC678, CC789, CC890

I don't have anywhere to fly to? Can I share the coupons?

This offer was tailor made for you alone, dear customer; so unfortunately, your friends don’t get to piggyback on this offer. This means that your free tickets are non transferable; if the original ticket was booked in the name of Mr. A, Ms. B & Mr. C, then these three people will be eligible to buy free tickets under this offer.

I booked 'N' tickets.Will I get 'N' free tickets?

Absolutely! You will get a free ticket for every adult or child you book. You will not get a free ticket for an infant booking. Here's how it works:

  • If you book a one-way trip for 3 passengers you are eligible for 3 free tickets (3 passengers x 1 flight = 3 tickets).
  • If you book a roundtrip for 3 passengers you are eligible for 6 free tickets (3 passengers x 2 flights = 6 tickets).

Again, please remember you will get a free ticket for every adult or child ticket you have bought during the offer period, not infants.

On which sectors/routes can I redeem the free ticket(s)?

The free tickets are redeemable on certain sectors/routes flown by SpiceJet within India. Do remember that the free tickets are available only on direct flights of SpiceJet and NOT stopover / via flights.

What if I cancel my free ticket?

Sorry, the free ticket is completely non-refundable. You will not get any money back if you cancel your free ticket. However, if you cancel your original ticket you will get a refund as per the airline & cancellation policies.

For the free ticket, can I change the date of travel after booking (amendment)?

Sorry, the date of travel on the free ticket cannot be changed once booked. However, you are free to change the date of travel of the original ticket by paying the applicable airline & charges.

Help! I haven't received my coupon code. What do I do now?

Call our travel experts: 1860 500 2121, they will only be too happy to help.

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